नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें या अपने पत्र के निचले भाग में स्थित फॉर्म नंबर से खोजें

शीर्षक इकाई पत्र / फॉर्म नंबर
1099-G_anyYear - Hindi Form ID 116, Form Number 1099-G-any
North Carolina Combined Waged Claim - Hindi Form ID 117, Form Number CWC-1
Out of State Claim - Hindi Form ID 118, Form Number CWC-6
Out of State Wage Claim - Hindi Form ID 119, Form Number CWC-7
Instructions for Completing and Returning Form ETA - Hindi Form ID 120, Form Number ETA 935
Eligibility Review Notice - Hindi Form ID 121, Form Number IB10
Monetary Determination Wage Credits - Hindi Form ID 122, Form Number IB14
System Alien Verification for Entitlement-s (SAVE) - Hindi Form ID 123, Form Number NCCLM SAVE
Social Security Administration Verification - Hindi Form ID 124, Form Number NCCLM 401
Voluntary Election for income Tax Withholdings and/or Direct Deposit of UI Benefits - Hindi Form ID 125, Form Number NCCLM 500TW
Request to Change Income Tax Withholding Direct deposit - Hindi Form ID 126, Form Number NCCLM 500TWC
Work Search Record - Hindi Form ID 128, Form Number NCCLM 506e
Wage Transcript and Monetary Determination - Hindi Form ID 129, Form Number NCCLM 550
Notice of Initial Claim and Potential Charges to your Account - Hindi Form ID 130, Form Number NCCLM 551
Administrative Determination Allowing NonCharging - Hindi Form ID 131, Form Number NCCLM 551 NW
Allowance for Noncharging - Hindi Form ID 132, Form Number NCCLM 551A
Notice of Unemployment Claim, Wages Reported and Potential Charges - Hindi Form ID 133, Form Number NCCLM 551L
Reversal of Previously allowed Noncharging - Hindi Form ID 134, Form Number NCCLM 553A
Noncharging Disallowance Based Upon Separation - Hindi Form ID 135, Form Number NCCLM 553AR