Steps to Create an Online Account

  1. Click on Create an Online Account.
  2. Select ‘I am a Business/Agent/Third Party user.’
  3. Enter your seven-digit Employer Tax Account Number (EAN) two times.
  4. Enter the six-digit PIN for your EAN.
  5. Create your Sign In credentials (User Name and Password).
  6. Enter a valid email address. You will need to access this email to activate your account.
  7. Check your email for instructions on how to activate your account.
  8. Click on the link in the email and use the User Name and Password you created in Step 5 to sign into your account.

Employer Tax Account Number (EAN)

If you do not have an Employer Tax Account Number (EAN), you can apply for an EAN online. After you apply, you will receive two pieces of mail: one with your seven-digit EAN, and one with your six-digit PIN. This may take four to six weeks.

You can then use the seven-digit EAN and six-digit PIN to create an online account at to manage your unemployment tax information and respond to unemployment claims.

If you have an EAN, but do not remember your username and/or password, do not apply for another EAN. Sign in by entering your username and selecting ‘I forgot my password/reset password.’ If you do not remember your username, select ‘I forgot my username.’ An email will be sent to the email of record. Email for additional username and password assistance.

(Requests from individuals filing a claim will not receive a response from this email.)

Liability and Tax Rate Information for New Employers

Based upon the information provided at the time of your application for an Employer Tax Account Number, you will receive a letter stating the Liability Date and Tax Rate Information.

New Employer Tax Rate Table

Year Standard Beginning Tax Rate Taxable Wage Base
2018          1.000% (.01000)       $23,500
2019          1.000% (.01000)       $24,300
2020          1.000% (.01000)       $25,200
2021          1.000% (.01000)       $26,000
2022          1.000% (.01000)       $28,000
2023 1.000% (.01000) $29,600

For more information about tax rates and reducing the tax rate: Tax Rate Section.