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Benefits are not payable to an individual for services performed by instructional, research, or principal administrative employees of educational institutions during the period between two successive academic years or terms with reasonable assurance of returning. Whether or not a person has previously worked for the same educational facility may also be considered.

“Reasonable assurance” is a conclusion based on whether a person has acknowledgement that he or she will perform services for the school system again for the coming academic year. Reasonable assurance may include a contract, a written and/or verbal offer, etc.

No. North Carolina Law provides that no substitute is considered unemployed for any time he or she is not called to work unless employment was as a full-time substitute. An individual is considered a full-time substitute if he or she works for the school on a continual basis more than 30 hours per week for 6 months or more.

Since your employer is a school system, your separation reason would be “Between School Terms”.Whether or not you have reasonable assurance of returning to drive busses when school resumes would be considered.

No. The employer was ACME and your separation reason would be lack of work. In your case,“reasonable assurance” was given but it does not apply unless you worked for a school system. Likewise, even though all work was done at a school, your employer was not the school system, it was ACME.