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You must answer a series of questions for each calendar week that you wish to receive benefits. This is called completing your weekly certification.

  • Weekly certifications (or weekly claim for benefits) must be filed online.
  • If you don’t have access to a computer, you can contact our customer call center by calling 1-888-737-0259.

In order to complete a weekly certification, you must file within fourteen (14) days from the week ending date of the week you are attempting to claim. If you fail to complete a timely weekly certification, you will:

  1. NOT receive payment for the week, 
  2. Be required to reopen your claim, 
  3. Be required to serve a waiting period week (non-payable week).

If you do free-lance work or are self-employed, you must maintain your availability for work.

You will generally receive your unemployment payments by direct deposit or debit card.

You must be able and available to work, and maintain eligibility requirements. You should also attend any hearing that results from an appeal of a determination or decision that was favorable to you.

If you have not received your payment within 14 days after your weekly certification is filed, contact DES by phone at 888-737-0259.

You should speak with a DES claims representative immediately by calling 1-888-737-0259.

All letters, notices, determinations, decisions and other correspondence are sent to your last address on file with DES. If you change your mailing address, or if you think DES does not have your correct address, you must immediately notify DES of your new or corrected address and/or telephone number. If you have an appeal pending, you must also notify the section handling your appeal. DES will not be responsible if mail does not reach you because you have not updated your contact information. You may also update your address information on the DES website. If you have a legal representative, all documents or information required to be provided will only be sent to the legal representative.