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If you already have an account with us:

Use your seven-digit Employer Tax Account Number or six-digit Agent Number and PIN to create an Online Account. If you have lost your PIN contact us at 866-278-3822. 

For information about creating a new Online Account, see Create or Update an Employer Account or Third-Party Administrators and Agents.

If you do not have an account with us: 

Employers - Click here and follow the instructions to apply for a UI Tax Account Number.

Agents - Call 919-707-1191 to apply for an Agent Account Number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re an agent, you only need to apply for an Agent Account Number if you report tax and wage data or file claims data for employers with employees in North Carolina.

Click on the Sign in link presented top left and use the ‘Forgot/Reset password’ option provided. 

You need to Sign in to the website and select the ‘Account Settings’ presented top left. 

After the new account is created, an email is sent to the user’s email address provided during account creation. The email contains a link that must be selected to activate the account. The email link is valid for only one hour. The user can now sign in to the website using their new credentials. This sign in will also provide access to the SCUBI portal. 

The agent will establish an account the same way a user does. Agents will need to select the applicable service type that applies to them. An agent can submit information for either tax purposes or claims purposes, not both. The Administrator is responsible for editing or deleting other users (including agents) as necessary to keep their account current. 

An error message will occur, and the user will automatically receive another email with another link to activate their account.

Please contact the Employer Call Center (ECC) at 866-278-3822. Select option three from the menu for assistance. 

The first user who creates a new sign-in will automatically be set up as the account administrator. 

Yes, users not submitting any data or accessing pages from the home-screen (inactivity) will be locked out after sixty (60) minutes and will need to sign back in. 

Yes. The business administrator can select additional administrators and access by going directly to the business approval screen and completing the information under “user details.” This is the same location where an administrator can manage a change in status on an account, approve or deny a user account, activate a user account, and suspend and/or terminate a user account.

The user will see a message stating that their credentials are incorrect. They will also have the ability to click on: Forgot Password – which is a link to assist the user in re-setting the password. Users can always contact the Employer Call Center for assistance.

Yes, the user will be provided five (5) attempts to sign-in with the correct password. The number of attempts can occur all at once or over a period of time. The system will keep count of the sign-in attempts and reset the counter back to zero, once the correct information is entered into the system. 

Yes, the user will see a message informing them that the account is locked and to call the Employer Call Center (ECC) for assistance. The Employer Call Center will utilize the admin screen to assist the user.