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What is NCSUITS?

NCSUITS – the North Carolina State Unemployment Insurance Tax System – is a new, modernized system to administer North Carolina’s unemployment insurance tax program. Anticipated to launch in the fall of 2023, NCSUITS will be a robust, cloud-based solution that replaces DES’s decades-old tax mainframe and remote filing systems. The new system is designed to be easier to use with more convenient self-service options.

Will it have new features?

Yes! New features will reduce paper mailings and manual processes to ensure more timely and efficient service. Check out some of the many new features for employers:

  • Ability to report out-of-state wages;
  • Ability to provide multiple contacts and contact types for easier access to DES communications; and
  • Ability to request a penalty waiver.
NCSUITS timeline

Coming Soon

  • Take Action! What Employers Can Do to Be Ready for NCSUITS
  • NCSUITS Glossary of Terms
  • Training videos