About SIDES (State Information Data Exchange System)

Developed through a strategic partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor and state unemployment insurance agencies, the National Association of State Workforce Agencies SIDES program is an integrated computer-to-computer interface designed for employers and third-party administrators who typically deal with a large volume of unemployment insurance information requests. SIDES is especially helpful to those employers and TPAs who operate in multiple states. 

Once fully integrated, SIDES allows for a secure electronic information exchange between employers/TPAs and a state UI agency. SIDES uses business rules, edit checks and validations that will reduce follow-up calls and paperwork, saving both the employer and the state valuable time and effort. 

View the following information to see if SIDES or SIDES E-Response is right for your business.

"New" SIDES Separation Information User Guide

SIDES Fact Sheet

SIDES and SIDES E-Response FAQs

SIDES and SIDES E-Response Comparison Table

Updating Your Account

Each employer is required to notify the Division of Employment Security when status changes occur, such as changes in ownership, change of address, when the business closes or ceases to operate, or when a closed or inactive business begins to operate again. To make changes to your account information, you must sign in. After signing in, you may review your account information and make the necessary changes online using the Change in Status Report, or you can download Form NCUI 101-A to print, fill out and mail to DES. 

Each year, you will be required to review your account information and verify that all information continues to be accurate.

SIDES Separation Information

SIDES Earnings Verification