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The Eligibility Review is designed to accelerate the claimant’s return to work and systematically review your efforts toward the same goal. The questions asked are designed to explore the continuing relationship between you and the labor market.

The Eligibility Review Notice (IB-10A) will be mailed to you shortly after your claim has been filed. Please make sure that the Division of Employment Security has your current mailing address. This can be updated when you login to our website.

You must be able to work, available for work and actively seeking work. You must be registered for work with your resident State Employment agency. To be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, a claimant must make a total of three valid job contacts with potential employers for EACH WEEK claimed. You must keep a written record of your work search and submit those records when you respond to your Eligibility Review Notice. Work search records should be retained for five years should your claim(s) be audited.

You may search for work in person, through resume submission, with your union, or through the internet. The telephone is not an acceptable work search method. If you use a blind item (ad from a newspaper), please include a copy with your record. If you use a recruiter, please list the name of the recruiter’s agent and not the individual recruiter. Do not repeat contacts. Contact with the same employer is only allowed when applying for different positions.

A work search form was included with your Eligibility Review Notice. If an additional work search form (NCUI 506E) is needed it can be downloaded from our website.

You must fully answer all questions specific to your current unemployment situation and return the completed form by the required due date. If you fail to provide a complete response by the required due date, your unemployment insurance benefits could be delayed or denied.

If you fail to return your Eligibility Review Notice by the required date or fail to provide all requested information, your unemployment insurance benefits could be delayed or denied.

If you failed to return your Eligibility Review Notice by the required due date you should complete the form and return it to DES immediately. A decision will be made to determine what impact this will have on your unemployment insurance benefits during the period of time that the document was due.

Acceptable forms of photo identification include a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued identification. The copy submitted must be legible.