Creating an Online Account and Filing an Unemployment Insurance Claim:

Create your online account:

  1. Select Sign Up
  2. Create Your Online Account
  3. An email will be sent to the email address you provided during your account creation.
  4. Access your email account and select the activation link.
  5. *The activation link is only valid for one hour.
  6. Once you select the activation link your account setup will be complete.
  7. Follow ‘All Customer’ steps to complete the filing of your claim for unemployment insurance benefits.

File your claim:

  1. Select Sign In and use your Online Account credentials to enter the DES secured site.
  2. Complete the online claimant registration if requested (Personal Information, Address, Contact Method, and Demographics).
  3. Once your claimant registration is complete you will reach the Customer Menu screen.
  4. Select the smart link ‘File a New Unemployment Insurance Claim’ on the Customer Menu screen.
  5. Read all screens carefully and respond to all questions asked providing truthful and accurate information regarding your employment history. Select ‘Next’ to advance. Select ‘Previous’ if you need to return to the prior screen.
  6. When you reach ‘Apply For Benefits: Employment History’, select your last (most recent employer). Add your last employer if it is not listed.
  7. Click the link ‘Provide Additional Information’, when instructed.
  8. Continue to advance through the screens
  9. Carefully review the Summary Screen and edit your responses as needed.
  10. Carefully review all information provide on the ‘Submit Claim’ screen, complete ‘Acknowledgements’ and continue
  11. Additional links may appear ‘Provide Additional Information’. Click the link(s) and respond when appropriate.
  12. Select ‘Submit’ 
  13. Once your claim is complete a ‘File Claim Confirmation’ screen will appear detailing your next steps.
  14. *If you provided an email address during your Claimant Registration you will also receive a ‘Confirmation Email.'